ultimate coffee showdown


The Ultimate Coffee Showdown is a test of coffee skills, nerves, and camaraderie.  

This Showdown is a tournament of three competitions conducted over three months. Each competition is designed to highlight skills every respectable coffee professional must possess. Competitors received points based on performance and participation, and these points total at the end of the three month tournament. There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place individual winner, as well as a prize for the company with the most participation points. We're here to see who's got the best team. 


Round 1: Triangulation Challenge


the brew battle is a test of brewing knowledge and skill

The Brew Battle gives you a change to brush up on your brewing skills. Competitors will brew head-to-head against each other with a coffee and a brewing method determine by chance. A dice of numbers will determine the coffee used, and a dice of brew method icons will determine the competition method. Brewing methods include: Aeropress, Chemex, Espresso, Kalita, V60, and French Press. 

coffee pic 1.jpg



The Triangulation challenge is a test of tastes 

The Triangulation Challenge requires competitors to select the outlier in a set of three cups of coffees. Each competitor is presented with five sets of three coffees. Within each set, each competitor must select the coffee that does not match the other two. Scores are determined by speed and by accuracy. 


round 2: brew battle


To wrap it up: a good ol' fashion throwdown. 

The third installment of the UCS is a latte art throwdown. Competitors will go head-to-head to demonstrate their skill on an espresso machine, and must steam milk and pour a design into a shot of espresso. Judges will select the winner out of the pair, and the designs are judged based off of symmetry, color infusion, contrast, execution, and overall impression.